2015 Report on Bicycling released

Today, Citizens for Safe Cycling released our 4th annual Report on Bicycling. The report gives an overview of the state of cycling in the Nation’s capital.

As the Nation’s capital suffers from an oversupply of bureaucracy, no single government is able to present the complete picture, so we’ll do it for them, in our spare time no less.

This year’s report contains our usual Top Ten lists, with input from 200 cyclists, a map of improvements in the city’s infrastructure, a clearer list of locations of improvements, a guide on new traffic markings such as yellow dots to trigger lights, green boxes and (super) sharrows and what is expected from drivers and cyclists.

We have lovely photography, this year from a number of cyclists. There is a relevant list of numbers and items of the budget. We also put an overview in the report on the opinions on cycling by the elected councillors. Also new is the fun, visibly appealing time line of events.

The report is getting better every year and we are proud of it, especially because it is put together by volunteers. Inspired? Become a member. Email membership@bikeottawa.ca

Download the report (5.7 MB)