Seven-year-old Zoë on winter biking as a kid

In our last installment of this year’s Winter Cycling Stories Series, Zoë tells us about winter cycling as a kid! Zoë is seven years old and this is her second year biking through the winter. If you’ve been thinking about trying winter cycling, we hope this is the final nudge you needed to get out there! 

Note: Zoë  responded in French, and her answers are in both French and English below!


Pourquoi as-tu commencé à faire du vélo pendant l’hiver? / Why did you start cycling through winter?

J’ai commencé à faire du vélo l’hiver parce que ma mère a commencé. / I started to bike in winter because my mom started to bike in winter.

Où vas-tu le plus fréquemment à vélo l’hiver? / Where do you most frequently cycle during the winter?

Je vais à l’école, la piscine, la patinoire, colline pour glisser, biblio, les maisons. / I go to school, the pool, the skating rink, the sledding hill, the library, houses.

(Zoë and Marie-Claude Lacombe)

Pourquoi continues-tu de faire du vélo l’hiver? / Why do you continue to cycle through winter?

Je continue à faire de la bicyclette l’hiver parce que c’est amusant. / I continue to bike in winter because it’s fun.

Quelle est la plus grosse chose que tu as transporté à vélo l’hiver? / What is the largest/oddest item you transported by bike during the winter?

La plus grosse chose que j’ai amené était un gros toutou. / The biggest thing that I’ve taken with me was a big stuffed animal.

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