Release of our 2018 Ottawa Report on Bicycling

BikeOttawa is proud to announce the release of our 2018Ottawa Report on Bicycling. This year, in addition to our usual updates and assessments, we’ve drilled down into Ottawa Centre, South, East and West to showcase some new infrastructure, budget highlights, and cyclists’ stories from all across our big city!

Michael Napiorkowski captured this year’s cover photo, showcasing just how many of us are getting out and about on our bikes!

Download the report to read

  • An overview of BikeOttawa’s work, including our new Data Group
  • Key numbers and data trends related to cycling in Ottawa, as well as pointers to more reading on the web
  • A review of progress in addressing recommendations we made five years ago in 2012
  • Five recommendations to continue improving cycling in Ottawa
  • Highlights of new infrastructure, what’s in the 2018 budget, and stories of cycling in Ottawa Centre, South, East, and West

As always, this report is produced entirely by dedicated BikeOttawa volunteers. A huge thanks go out to the following people who contributed to this year’s edition: Amy Foulkes, Shawn Gettler, Barbara Greenberg, Julie Ivanoff, Jordan Moffatt, Lynne Patenaude, Hayley Price-Kelly, Maria Rasouli, Heather Shearer. Thanks also to those who submitted the great photography featured in this year’s report!