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2018 infographic Cycling in Ottawa 2018 page 001A bit of data background

Not too long ago, there were only very rough bike count estimates available. Students in deck chairs on street corners would count passing traffic. Around 2009, Citizens for Safe Cycling (that's what we used to call ourselves) teamed up with the NCC, the City of Ottawa and Telus to invest in four counters along both sides of the canal, at the Alexandra bridge and at the bike path near the abandoned Prince of Wales railway bridge over the Ottawa River. A loop in the ground counts the bicycles, a small memory stores the data and once in a while the data is retrieved by Bike Ottawa volunteers. The City of Ottawa in turn puts the data online.

When the Laurier bike lane was installed in 2011, six more counters were put in. Two of the counters send their data daily to a server so that you can read the results online the next day. In April 2013 the NCC installed the region's first 'bike totem' on the Portage Bridge to count the cyclists crossing between Quebec and Ontario. There are more counters implemented with the ultimate goal to have counters at all major bike access routes into down town.There are numerous counters in the ground on perhaps 20 locations.

Data Group

We have a data group within Bike Ottawa. Check out our activities.


Counter data in Ottawa

See the results of Laurier: bike counter at Metcalfe

See the results of Portage: bike counter on Portage (not operational between end of November and end of March)

City of Ottawa open data for bike stats is downloadable in several file formats. 


Collision heatmap (Ottawa)

Alex deVries compiled collision data from 2004 and later, which you can see here: pedestrian and bike collision data as reported to Ottawa police. The data are shown in a heat map (some browsers have trouble with the heatmap). You can choose a year or multiple years, choose pedestrians and/or cyclists etc.


Fallen cyclists map (Canada)

Wendy Lucas maintains a map of cyclists, killed in traffic. You can find the interactive map here.

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