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Bike Ottawa Supports Bill 65: Safer School Zones Act

 safer school zones

This week, a Queens Park committee discussed Bill 65, known as the Safer School Zones Act. If passed, the Bill would grant municipalities discretion to use photo radar and other automated speed enforcement tools in school zones and designated community safety zones. I

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Here are three simple reasons why you should join us today:

1. It’s an easy and effective way to advocate for safer cycling all over Ottawa.

35525 331531753587230 1706216745 nThe more members we have, the stronger our influence promoting cycling as a safe, fun, and environmentally friendly form of transportation. With so many policy initiatives and infrastructure projects affecting cycling across the city, it’s impossible for any single person to keep track of it all. By taking a few minutes and a few dollars to join Bike Ottawa, you strengthen the messages we send to politicians, the city, the province, the National Capital Commission, and fellow Ottawa residents -- and our volunteers do the work to track and communicate the details. With members from across the city, from Kanata to Centretown to Barrhaven to Orleans, we strive to address the need for safe infrastructure that will encourage residents all over Ottawa to ride their bikes.

We also encourage members who are interested to get involved in our Advocacy Working Group or other volunteer opportunities.

Full house at a recent CfSC event2. Your membership fees keep us up and running.

We are a non-profit and entirely volunteer-run organization: We count on membership fees as stable revenue to cover basic operating costs that allow us to work and communicate effectively with our members and all those who bike in Ottawa, whether online, in print, or by hosting community events. We present our financial statements and a report on our finances to our members each year at the time of our Annual General Meeting.

To help ensure finances aren’t a barrier to potential members, we offer a low-income membership for only $10 per year. More details on the types of memberships we offer are available here.

Discounts at bike stores3. You’ll get discounts at bike stores across the city.

Many bike stores in Ottawa give discounts to Bike Ottawa members. The ones we know about are listed below. Simply show your membership card before purchasing. Some restrictions may apply: most discounts apply only to parts and accessories, not bikes. If you know of a store not listed here that is willing to provide benefits to Bike Ottawa members, or if you encounter a store that no longer gives discounts but is listed here, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Note that addresses and websites were last updated in February 2014.


Discounts are available at the following stores: 


Fresh Air Experience: 10% off parts, accessories, clothing; 5% off bikes

McCrank's Cycles: 10% off parts and accessories

Joe Mamma Urban Cycles 10% off parts and accessories



Bushtukah Outdoor Store 10% off parts and accessories

Cycle Power 10% of parts and accessories and 5% off bikes
Dinardo's (details unknown)


 Orleans Cycles: 10% off  accessories only (not parts)

 Full Cycle: 10% off parts and accessories




 The Cyclery: 10% off parts and accessories

 Rebec and Kroes: 10% off parts and accessories


 Now that you're convinced that we're an organization you want to support, join today!



Our Partners

Citizens for Safe Cycling is proud to collaborate with the following like-minded organizations in Ottawa:

 Cycle salvationCycle Salvation is a social enterprise operating under the umbrella of Causeway Work Centre. The business strives to achieve a triple bottom line (profit, people, planet) by providing training and employment in the field of bike mechanics to people who are economically disadvantaged, while at the same time diverting bikes destined for scrap and landfill sites. View their refurbished bikes for sale at their store at 473 Bronson (near Gladstone).


Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit, grassroots,  volunteer-driven organization that works to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. They celebrate environmentally responsible decisions and actions; bring to light the things that hurt our environment; and advocate for improvement. They also work with inidividuals and communities across the city to educate them about environmental issues and what to do about them.

Envirocentre logopng

EnviroCentre helps residents, businesses and organizations conserve energy and reduce their impact on the environment, while saving money. Sustainable transportation is one of their areas of focus, and each year they organize Bike to Work Month, a campaign that promotes cycling as a viable and enjoyable commuting option.

HTC LogoThe Healthy Transportation Coalition is a grassroots movement of concerned citizens, organizations and businesses working together to increase healthy transportation policies and necessary infrastructure investments in the National Capital Region. Citizens for Safe Cycling is an organizational member of the Coalition. 


Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict's mission is to make the downtown core more sustainable, socially vibrant, and attractive to businesses & organizations looking to relocate or expand. They are Canada’s first official EcoDistrict and are working hard to develop a model that can be used in other parts of Ottawa and across the country.


Purple right bike logo

  Right Bike is a social business that provides jobs and training for individuals in the community who are working to overcome barriers to employment. They deliver a community-based bike share service in Ottawa.


 RBC Ottawa Bluesfest is an annual outdoor music festival that takes place each July in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Citizens for Safe Cycling partners with Bluesfest each year to operate the valet bike parking at the festival.

Safer Roads Ottawa

 The Safer Roads Ottawa Program (SRO) is committed to preventing or eliminating road deaths and serious injuries for all people in Ottawa, through culture change, community engagement and the development of a sustainable safe transportation environment. SRO is a partnership between Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the Public Works Department.

Updates and Discussions

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Discuss on social media

You can also find Bike Ottawa on Facebook and on Twitter. Lively discussions among those who bike in Ottawa also take place under the Twitter hashtag #ottbike. We know you are passionate about cycling, Keep it positive and civilised and respect other opinions. 

Ottawa Bike Blogs

With newspapers retreating, social media are becoming an ever increasing source of information. 

Here are a number of local Ottawa residents, who regularly share their adventures, keep an ear to the ground on cycling news or share routes, experiences, events and knowledge. These are the best known ones, with frequent updates, in alphabetical order:




Motto About
 Alex Alex Bikes "Ottawa Bike Politics"

Alex only blogs when he thinks the city is not following the Ottawa Cycling Plan. He also shares his travel adventures about -say- cycling through Texas or from the Mediterranean across the French Alps to the Netherlands. On Twitter @AlexthePuffin

 Kate Incidental Cyclist "Being an account of a woman, who gave her bike a name" Kathryn likes writing. She also writes the 'Your Ride' column for Metro Ottawa and edits the Centertown Buzz. Her bike has a name. On Twitter @k8thek8
 Lana ModalMom "Life on the Move"

Lana tweets a lot. A lot. But she also has time to put trips,  thoughts and adventures in really interesting blogs. With a great sense of humour. She owns a cargo bike, a Kona, a Brompton and a couple of others. Her son wants to become the next mayor. On Twitter @modalmom

 Brian Ottawa Velo Outaouais "Biking around Ottawa and the Outaouais" Brians has the the blog with the most difficult name. Ask Brian how to get from A to B and he'll bike it and blogs about it.  Brian's claim to fame is that he lives at Ottawa's only woonerf. If you have seen a guy cycling in downtown Ottawa with a bike trailer with a scale model of a stage set in it, it was Brian. On Twitter @smayukawa
 Hans Hans on the Bike "Hopeful blog about cycling in Ottawa" Hans was born in cycling Walhalla The Netherlands. His life goal is to emulate a bike paradise in Ottawa. He figures he's about halfway. Statistically, he has about 30 years left. On Twitter @HansontheBike
 Eric WestSideAction

"News & views of what is happening on the West Side of downtown Ottawa" 

Eric once ran a print shop. He retired early so he now bugs city hall. He also has opinions on pedestrians, condos and streetscaping. Actually on nearly everything. On Twitter @EricDarwin1 (but he only uses it to get his blogs posts out)

 Zara  XOVelo  "Made with love in Ottawa Yeah Baby" Zara takes beautiful pictures of people with bikes.  Perhaps the most extravert cyclist in Ottawa. On Twitter @XOVelo

 Photos owned by the respective subject in the picture.

Beautiful Bike Days in the Capital


What a gorgeous day it was yesterday. Not only was it the start of the 45th year of Ottawa's NCC Sunday bike days (from May till September, every Sunday), it was also MEC's annual bike fest. If you had followed the #ottbike hashtag on Twitter, you would have seen a lot of happy pictures rolling in over the course of the day.

Our Local Events

We are active!

We organize a number of signature events each year:

Family Winter Bike Ride

January: We go for a 6 km spin through Ottawa usually ending up at City Hall for hot chocolate with a city councillor. Recently actually 4 city councillors.


First Saturday of Spring: Bike season starts! We'll have a large social with a few local speakers about cycling advocacy, developments, perhaps even city budget 101. It is growing every year and the place to be when the season starts.

Tulip on Two Wheels

May: During the Tulip Festival, we'll be near Canal Ritz on Queen Elizabeth Drive along the canal to recruit new members, offer free bike tune ups and listen to people's cycling experiences.

RBC Bluesfest Valet Bike Parking

July: An event on its own, we have a whole crew of volunteers out to look after valet parking at Ottawa's RBC Bluesfest. Although the service is free, dontations from appreciative cyclists split between Citizens for Safe Cycling and Blues in the Schools and have consistently made this our biggest annual fundraiser. More information about this event is available here

Fall Annual Meeting

September/October: Late summer/Early Fall is a great time to cycle to our Annual Meeting. We usually have a keynote speaker from out of town. So far our speaker series has included Roger Geller from Portland, Timo Perälä from Oulu (Finland), Hayley Richardson (City of Bellevue, near Seattle), Professor Buehler from Virginia Tech (USA), Sarah Craigh from Halifax's I Heart Bikes (Canada) to name but a few.

Lights on Bikes

November: We hand out free bike lights at the end of Daylight Savings Time somewhere at an undisclosed location (kind of) in Ottawa.

Representation at Other Events

We don't have a paid staff, therefore our time is limited. With a number of dedicated volunteers, we organize the events listed above, attend public meetings, work with community organisations for better bike conditions, answer questions from the public, present facts to city council and present to other organisations.

Want to know more: check in with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Note that we generally can't be at your event. However This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Ottawa Parks and Recreation sometimes can.

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