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Councillors' Ideas

During the fall 2014 elections, we polled city council candidates on three cycling-related questions. Here are the responses from the candidates who were successful: (Note: the other elected councillors had not replied to our questions during the election. That doesn't mean they are not interested in cycling).

The 8 New Faces on Ottawa City Council

Let's hope that our councillors won't block better cycling infrastructure (photo: Greg Zador)

There will be eight fresh faces on Ottawa City Council. Of course you want to know what they think about cycling. Not all of them filled in the survey we sent around, so we did some research after the results were in.

Ottawa Municipal Elections: Mayor's Responses


Photo: Hundreds of residents use the Locks at Carleton U (Hartwell Locks) every Sunday. (photo: Hans Moor

It took a few years of hard work, but cycling is now an election issue in our Nation's Capital according to the CBC. (See link section at the bottom of this page). We asked the candidate mayors about cycling and here are their answers:


Ottawa Municipal Candidate Responses 2014

We asked the candidates who run for Ottawa City Council three simple bike related questions. Over 50 candidates responded already. Here are their reactions. Going through the list, you can easily see who is serious about cycling. While this might not be your only reason to search for the right candidate (you might be more upset about biweekly garbage pick up or snow removal for example, or even lack of free parking down town), at least you know what they think about cycling. And..check back once the elections are over to estimate what our council will stand for if all the votes are in. See the result by hitting the read more button.

Citizens for Safe Cycling's 2014 Municipal Election Platform


Our election page is hugely popular and generated a lot of interest, both from residents with an interest in cycling("Everyone should read this page as a guide") to residents with no interest in cycling ("Let's put the blame where it belongs, cyclists should pay for their own infrastructure" - for the record, we are suggesting ideas, not blaming anyone).

Rideau Vanier Ward 12: Election Debate on September 15

The event is supported by no less than 9 community groups

Around 350,000 bike rides are counted on Laurier Ave every year. The East-West Bikeway is slowly being built. Work on the bike and pedestrian bridge over the Rideau River has started. These are all positive developments for cycling in the city. But there is more than cycling. How would you like to see the city in ten years?

Help build Citizens for Safe Cycling's Election Campaign

Citizens for Safe Cycling is preparing a platform for the municipal election which takes place on October 27th, 2014. The document will distributed directly to candidates, and residents can also use it for reference when talking to candidates. To get an idea of what we are talking about,  We wrote one for the 2010 election. The bike folks in Waterloo apparently used our document in 2010 too, so assume it is pretty reliable.

To prepare this updated 2014 document, we are soliciting opinions from candidates, cyclists and other residents. This survey's results will be used to prepare our platform in the coming weeks. The deadline for submissions is August 11.

Here's the survey. It should take only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Thanks for your time! We have received dozens and dozens of answers already so don't let this chance slip by.

Ottawa Elections 2014


Help keep cycling on the municipal agenda. Follow our volunteers in their quest to find out what the candidates for City Council think about cycling. More to come when the year progresses. Elections will be held on October 27, 2014.

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