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Advocacy Results: Mayor urges Ontario Education Minister to help improve cycling education


Cyclists on Laurier Ave, Ottawa photo: Hans Moor

Last week, Mayor Jim Watson addressed a letter to Ontario's Minister of Education, MPP Mitzie Hunter, requesting provincial support to improve education for safe cycling. 

As noted in the letter, this request is a result of one recommendation made by a group of cycling advocates, including CfSC, invited by the Chair of Ottawa's Transportation Committee and the Mayor to provide advice on how to make riding a bike safer in our city. CfSC has been participating in this group since it was convened in September 2016, following the tragic death of one of our city's cyclists in a collision with a construction truck. 

(updated) Space for cycling on Booth: thanks for your help


Rendering of Pimisi Station, where Booth street passes over the canal. Image: Confederation Line website.

***UPDATED*** The time to comment has passed, at least for now. We'll now have to wait and see what impact our efforts had. Thanks to everyone who spoke up. We know space for cycling matters, and hope that your messages were heard clearly. We're continuing to meet with city staff and are staying in touch with elected representatives. Stay tuned for future updates as this situation evolves.

Addressing cyclists' concerns around the National Arts Centre

NAC connections

Approaching the NAC heading towards the Ottawa River Pathway, a sign tells cyclists to walk their bikes for the portion of the path along the Canal that passes the NAC.

Our 2015 Report on Cycling identified improving connectivity on the Northbound Rideau Canal multi-use pathway around the NAC as a top ten concern for cyclists in the city. Seizing the opportunity of the NAC rejuvination, CfSC reached out to the managers of the project to voice concerns, and advocate for practical solutions to be implemented through the renovations. 

Strava Metro - Every Trip You Make...

...is a Vote for Where You want to Walk or Ride.

Screenshot from the Strava Global Heatmap, showing GPS traces from Strava users. Notice how some streets are no-go zones, and that there are a substantial number of people cycling on the Portage bridge west side sidewalk, bypassing the counter on the east side cycletrack. Metro will give us insights into how these usage patterns are established, and we'll even see how they will change as new cycling infrastructure is built - Image: Strava

Bike Ottawa Supports Photo Radar


A typical residential speedway. Signed at 40 km/h due to a nearby elementary school, but built twice as wide as needed, just in case anyone would like a place to park. A road diet is clearly needed here, but in the meantime, photo radar could help to keep this neighbourhood safe, while calming the noise and unpleasantness of speeding cut-through traffic. Photo from Google Streetview.

This Wednesday, Ottawa City Council will vote on whether to request the option for our police to enforce speed limits using photo radar. We think this can be a useful tool for the police. Here's the letter we submitted to council in support of this initiative.

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