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Ottawa's Best Bike Blogs

With newspapers retreating, social media are becoming an ever increasing source of information. 

Here are a number of local Ottawa residents, who regularly share their adventures, keep an ear to the ground on cycling news or share routes, experiences, events and knowledge. These are the best known ones, with frequent updates, in alphabetical order:




Motto About
 Alex Alex Bikes "Ottawa Bike Politics"

Alex only blogs when he thinks the city is not following the Ottawa Cycling Plan. He also shares his travel adventures about -say- cycling through Texas or from the Mediterranean across the French Alps to the Netherlands. On Twitter @AlexthePuffin

 Kate Incidental Cyclist "Being an account of a woman, who gave her bike a name" Kathryn likes writing. She also writes the 'Your Ride' column for Metro Ottawa and edits the Centertown Buzz. Her bike has a name. On Twitter @k8thek8
 Lana ModalMom "Life on the Move"

Lana tweets a lot. A lot. But she also has time to put trips,  thoughts and adventures in really interesting blogs. With a great sense of humour. She owns a cargo bike, a Kona, a Brompton and a couple of others. Her son wants to become the next mayor. On Twitter @modalmom

 Brian Ottawa Velo Outaouais "Biking around Ottawa and the Outaouais" Brians has the the blog with the most difficult name. Ask Brian how to get from A to B and he'll bike it and blogs about it.  Brian's claim to fame is that he lives at Ottawa's only woonerf. If you have seen a guy cycling in downtown Ottawa with a bike trailer with a scale model of a stage set in it, it was Brian. On Twitter @smayukawa
 Hans Hans on the Bike "Hopeful blog about cycling in Ottawa" Hans was born in cycling Walhalla The Netherlands. His life goal is to emulate a bike paradise in Ottawa. He figures he's about halfway. Statistically, he has about 30 years left. On Twitter @HansontheBike
 Eric WestSideAction

"News & views of what is happening on the West Side of downtown Ottawa" 

Eric once ran a print shop. He retired early so he now bugs city hall. He also has opinions on pedestrians, condos and streetscaping. Actually on nearly everything. On Twitter @EricDarwin1 (but he only uses it to get his blogs posts out)

 Zara  XOVelo  "Made with love in Ottawa Yeah Baby" Zara takes beautiful pictures of people with bikes.  Perhaps the most extravert cyclist in Ottawa. On Twitter @XOVelo

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